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MaxiVac 5500™ Heavy-Duty Gasoline-Powered Dust Collector
The powerful, compact non-clogging HEPA dust-collection vacuum system

The SMITH brand MV5500™ is a compact, portable, industrial-grade non-clogging auto filter-cleaning dry HEPA-dust vacuum collector, with MV-SA cyclone separator (required purchase) with connection bracket for best use with portable concrete and asphalt grinding and cutting machines.
Part Number Part Number
MV-5500.H13 (Honda)
MV-5500.S14 (Subaru)
MV-5500.E8 (electric)
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Best for Power
13HP Honda, 14HP Subaru, 8HP electric
Best for Removal
Best for Speed
550 CFM
Alternative Products Alternative Machines
Unit Weight Unit Weight - lb (kg)
375 lbs.
Unit Dimensions Unit Dimensions
Usually Ships Usually Ships
72 hours
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MV5500 Dust Collector
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13HP Honda gasoline, 14HP Subaru gasoline, 8HP electric
Air Flow
550 CFM
Air Pressure
7 non-woven fabric: 4.5"OD. X 21.5"L
2 - HEPA PTFE filters: 5"ODx 2.6"ID x 11.25"L

Included Accessories:

  • PVC-Handled Storage Box 23.5”x16”x18.5” (60x40x47 cm)
  • (1) 3” x 33’ (75mm x 10m) collection hose
  • (1) Y-Adaptor hose connection
  • (4) 2” (50mm) connectors
  • (1) Vacuum wand
  • (1) Floor nozzle
  • (1) Elbow pipe connector
  • (1) 3” (75mm) stainless coupler
  • (1) Round brush
  • (1) Floor brush
  • (20) Vacuum collection bags (LDPE 20”x32”)
  • (1) Velcro bag strap

Recommended Stock Options:

  • (1) Cyclone separator MV-SA or MV-SB
  • (2) Woven filter bags, set of 7 (PN:MV5500.10)
  • (3) HEPA PTFE filter (PN:MV5500.11)

The SMITH MV5500™ is best suited for collecting concrete powders and debris from mid to larger size walk-behind scarifiers and concrete grinders and shavers (SPS10™, FS300™, FS350™, FS390™, LNX8™, X1™ and X3™).

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