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About SMITH Manufacturing

SMITH 5-Step Proven ProcessSMITH Manufacturing was founded in 1990 by Steven Smith, former President of Pave-Mark. The company designs, builds, and delivers professional prep tools from their facility in Pompano Beach.

SMITH tools help hard-working striping, pavement, and flooring contractors properly prepare their surfaces to achieve all 10 surface profiles. Getting the right surface profile assures safer and sustainable surfaces.

What separates SMITH from the competition is a rigorous 5-step proven process of listening, advising, executing, solving, and supporting each unique customer with care and respect. This process, together with a lifetime guarantee and 3 industry uniques, give SMITH clients an advantage when performing their hard surface- preparation work.

SMITH Prep Solutions

At the weekly “L10” production, engineering, and sales team meetings, employees are using the IDS process to find solutions. “Everything we do, starting with the 5-step proven process, is to maximize the customer’s experience and achieve our vision,” says Jackie Placeres, Vice President of SMITH. “Processes refined over the years are thoughtfully designed to make everyone’s hard work inside and outside our company faster, easier, and more effective”

“We consider manufacturing a core competency, which give our customers an advantage,” says Rich Stankiewicz, Head of Operations. “Our equipment is custom built in-house in small batches, so we can reliably deliver quality products in the quantities needed by our customers. We are most proud of our research and development of new products, while continuously improving our established product line. Solving customer’s removal problems is a challenge I take pride in, and with our experienced personnel, flexibility and capabilities, we can ramp up quickly to meet our customers’ demanding schedules. As a quality-responsible supplier, SMITH maintains the largest inventory of machines and consumable wear components for those with a variety of scarifiers, planers, grinders, line removers, routers, groovers, shavers, scabblers, and other prep tools. And for anyone looking for better performance and cost savings, SMITH components out-perform the originals,” says Rich. “That’s because we continuously improve every product, from the cutter impact zone on up.”

How Can We Help You?

It’s not only how SMITH answers the phone, but a core value commitment to providing our customers with trusted service and support. If you are not already a SMITH customer, ask your peers about their SMITHing experience, and you’ll soon discover the real benefit from partnering with a company whose vision is to find the right solution to make the hard work of removal faster and reliable for safer and sustainable surfaces.



SMITH Manufacturing Core Values

SMITH Manufacturing Core Values

Great companies are defined by their great people. Every great company, from Apple, Amazon and Disney to Coke and Starbucks, was built just like ours: with a dream, in a garage, with great people. They hired people – men and women with the right core values – to help them build a company that everyone from employees and customers to vendors, partners and shareholders would admire. There is no real magic to being a great company. Deep down, they all have a collection of people who share their core values; people who are what we call the “Right People” for them.

We understand that Core Values are just plaques on a wall for many organizations. We are not that kind of company. At SMITH, we have defined 5 Core Values that describe what the "Right People" look like for our company:


A SMITH employee is truly passionate, meaning we truly love what we do, and endeavor to be the very best at helping our customers and our fellow SMITH employees succeed, even when no one is watching, or may ever even know what we did.

Team Oriented

A SMITH employee is an appreciative and helpful team player who treats everyone with respect, and knows that as a member of the SMITH team, we will achieve more by working together.

Strong Work Ethic

A SMITH employee has a strong work ethic, a sense of urgency, and perseveres to get things done right and on time.


A SMITH employee demonstrates personal responsibility with a can-do attitude by showing up on time, doing what they say they will do, and paying attention to the little details that make a big difference, while always holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

Solutions Oriented

A SMITH employee is solutions oriented, meaning we are a helpful resource to our teammates and customers, as well as being innovative and inquisitive in how we can make the hard removal work faster and easier. Our thirst for knowledge and a non-stop motor is why our customers seek us out, and continue to come back.

Why Choose SMITH Manufacturing?

Top 10 Reasons to buy from and partner with SMITH . . . It all adds up.

Knowing surface preparation is the hardest part of any job, we try to make the removal process as easy as possible. As a direct manufacturer and former contractor, our experience helps our customers gain a competitive advantage.

Everyone has a top ten list of something, but SMITH wants you to know our list is essentially our CORE VALUES. So here are 10 of the very best reasons to partner with and buy your cutters, wear components and line removal products from SMITH.

As former stripers and coating manufacturers, professionals rely on SMITH as their invaluable resource. As a very successful manufacturing company, SMITH is dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations and helping them earn more. Our actions help our customers remove faster, safer and more cost-effectively with better surface finishes.

#9. Strategic Customer/Supplier PARTNERSHIP
It’s a fact! Contractors earn more money partnering with SMITH. As a preferred strategic supply partner, our alliances successfully meet the challenge of competitive contracting. By pro-actively anticipating needs with innovative products, JIT delivery of the right products and offering experienced technical support, we accelerate long-term growth in the surface preparation and line removal market. We challenge you to find a better supply partner.

#8. One Call, One-stop RELIABLE SOURCE
Whether you own a high-performance SMITH (or other brand) scarifier, line remover or surface preparation machine, you can always buy cutters and parts directly from SMITH. And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it for you – or tell you where to find it. Bottom line, contractors rely on SMITH Manufacturing’s expertise to help them make better surface preparation and line removal decisions.

SMITH was the first to introduce tungsten carbide and diamond cutters to professional stripers, helping them remove faster with less downtime. SMITH rugged removal equipment was the first designed and tested by contractors to meet the challenge of any sized removal project and any qualified user. SMITH innovations keep our customers competitive now and in the future.

#6. EASY to ORDER and GET your needs
Call SMITH’s Customer Support team at 800-653-9311 or 954-941-9744 anytime to get what you need, when you need it. Pay with cash, credit card, or use purchase orders, contracts; we'll do it your way!

SMITH stands behind everything we sell and are committed to your total satisfaction with technical support for your toughest surface-preparation requirements. As ambassadors of good removal practices, SMITH promotes our partners by sharing good removal experiences to reduce the risk in removal so everyone benefits, to include your customers, the contractor, government, drivers, pedestrians as well as the surface appearance and substrate performance.

#4. Long-Lasting VALUE
The SMITH name is synonymous with ultra-premium quality, long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness. We meet or beat competitive pricing, with the added bonus that our products simply last longer, which means you earn more using SMITH products.

Every product, every process, everything we do is designed to help our customers remove faster, safer and more cost-effectively. A SMITH creates works from metal and a CUTTERSMITHY manufactures cutters. It all starts with products that exceed industry standards and expectations. As a direct manufacturer, we control the operation through every process and select only the highest “ultra-premium” grade components to assure consistency and long-lasting performance. The SMITH name is an acronym for Successful, Manufacturers, Innovators, Teammates, and Helpful Resource.

We ship on time and use shipping partners that deliver on time. Simply you call; we deliver with most orders shipped the same day. Think of us as an extension of your removal operations so you get the right cutters, drums, shafts, wear parts and removal machines delivered when you need it to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our products are assembled in the United States, and we pay attention to the details to ensure that you get the very best ultra-premium quality American-made, technically advanced products.

Why is SMITH number 1

As the leading USA direct manufacturer for scarifiers, traffic line erasers, groovers and surface preparation equipment, SMITH gives our customers a competitive edge to be more productive, earning more, removing faster with best finishes.

Owners of scarifiers, groovers or line removers buy SMITH’s ultra-premium grade steel, wire brush, tungsten carbide and diamond cutters because they cost less and last longer.

When our customers need OEM drums, shafts, cutters, parts, or even special removal tools right away, they call SMITH to get it delivered to the job on time, every time.

SMITH’s commitment to superior service is demonstrated with every customer, every call, every day, making us number one in the industry. Let us help you find a professional contractor, rental company or authorized reseller.

Since 1990, SMITH has delivered the right removal equipment, cutters, parts and information to help our customers meet their removal needs. SMITH has the highest satisfaction rating in the industry.

For best pricing and genuine OEM parts, contact your local SMITH Representative or visit for application solutions to help you remove faster, safer, more cost-effectively with better surface finishes.

What Drives Our Passion?

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