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For better or worse, we are all creatures of habit. The best contracting companies all have one thing in common: they follow the same ritualistic habits for each process and procedure.

When selecting removal equipment, there is a wide choice available. The following is a listing that some of the very best contractors use to help them make better decisions when selecting removal equipment. We call it simply the "Dos and Don’ts of Removal Equipment Selection." We hope this helps you make better removal decisions, as well.

Dos and Don’ts of Removal Equipment Selection

1. Do select a machine that is easy for the user to operate and maintain.
2. Do choose a model that can finish the job within the time constraints.
3. Do consider a machine that’s versatile to handle a variety of removal applications.
4. Do contact current users to gain their experiences.
5. If you are buying from an authorized dealer or direct manufacturer, consider their ability to deliver cutters and parts when needed.

1. Don’t buy the first model without research.
2. Don’t select a machine too small for your needs.
3. Don’t purchase a machine that can’t control surface finishes or work in tight places.
4. Don’t wait until the job starts to take delivery or fail to have ample spare parts and cutters on hand.
5. Don’t purchase without reviewing the results from the Removal Selection Guide with your customer, your crew and supplier.

For a copy of the Removal Selection Guide℠, please Click Here

Over the last 35 years working as a striping contractor, material producer and equipment manufacturer, Steven Smith has made it his life’s work to help striping and surface preparation contractors make the right decisions.



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