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Creating Jobs and Lasting Surfaces Petition

Sign our PetitionWe Petition the Obama administration to:
Create more jobs for the American people by building, widening and repairing our roads. We believe Public works programs will put more people to work, give them more purchasing power and bolster a badly sagging public infrastructure.

We believe a contributing factor to the fast deterioration of the steel, concrete and asphalt in our roads and bridges is due to insufficient surface preparation.

We believe the addition of detailed surface preparation specifications, as a separate bid line item, on every road and bridge public works project, will result in longer lasting surfaces and more jobs.

Governments, looking to slash costs, should not be allowed to remove the surface preparation line item contract requirement. Removing this item, pushes back the cost and burden responsibility to the low bidding contractor. When roads are repaved and re-striped, on a properly prepared surface, they simply last longer, are more cost-effective and helps keep our economy moving to create more jobs in all markets.

Therefore, Mr. President, we are asking for you to issue an executive order requiring all public works projects to include, a separate line bid item for surface preparation.

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