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Are you SMITHing for longer life?
If you’re not SMITHing, it’s not lasting.

SMITHing is an acronym for Surface-prep Method Insures Total Happiness
(aka: Surfaces last longer, Job Success, No failures, You get Paid, The job lasts).

SMITHing before installing a new surface assures performance success.
SMITHing it clean, dry and texturized maximizes the bond strength of the installation.
SMITHing removes any loose materials or old surface build-ups.
SMITHing opens up the substrate pores for maximum surface adhesion.
SMITHing is the extra layer of protection that your installed materials stay in place.

How SMITHing works:
SMITHing is a process of scratching, scoring, marking, notching or etching the surface using flailing style cutters on a rotating cylinder cutter drum. The drum contains cutting shafts outfitted with cutters that fit loosely so they flail or strike the surface at various depths. The flailing against the shafts creates a great force whereby the surface can be removed at a rapid rate. Cutter spacing on the drum influences surface depth and finish. Adding spacers increases surface depth and coarseness. Eliminating spacers reduces depth and improves surface finish. Depending upon the type of cutters, depth of surface penetration, drum rotation and cutter pattern, a variety of finishes can be achieved from a very smooth finish (#1) to an extremely coarse texture (#10), as depicted on the following chart.

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SMITHing defined: Surface-prep / Method / Insures / Total / Happiness

Drum Assemblies

If you are a contractor and would like to see surface preparation specified, as a separate line bid item on your next contract, let us know how we can help you . . . click here

If you work for the government and want your surfaces to last longer, let us know how we can put SMITHing to work for you . . . click here

If you own the surface and are looking for specifications to help you achieve longer surface finishes, let us know how we can help you . . . click here

Before you install . . . SMITH First

Contractors that SMITH First earn more.
Governments specifying SMITH First have longer lasting surfaces.

What is SMITH First?
SMITH First is

1. Preparing surfaces for installations
2. Removing existing pavement markings
3. Grooving the  substrate to inlay markings
4. Reducing  high spots, flow-lines, uneven surfaces
5. Any installation that you want to last longer

SMITH First creates value for contractors, governments and substrate owners and makes everyone’s job easier.

SMITH First is a message the traffic line removal and surface preparation industry uses to promote to help raise awareness on the role quality surface preparation and line removal plays in promoting long life, cost-effectiveness and safety.

SMITH First surfaces that are clean, dry and texturized perform best.  

Test Deck Secrets Revealed

There’s a secret most coating manufacturers never reveal. To assure product approval, they SMITH-First prior to their coating installation.

Why? Because their product approval rate increases exponentially anytime their coatings are installed on a correctly profiled surface.

SMITHing, a term defined here as using the right scarifier, cutter array and up-cut removal process, produces the right surface profile (CSP) for the coating to achieve a powerful mechanical bond to the surface. SMITHing increases the surface area so the coating can embed itself under, around and deep into a structurally sound and dry substrate to prevent adhesion failures.

Unfortunately, this test-deck secret isn’t always revealed, resulting in many pavement marking specifications written without detailed surface preparation profiles. Without clear surface-prep (SMITHing) specifications, the burden of performance rests solely on the contractor, an unjust practice. While the coating manufacturers may be getting their products approved on test decks, in the real world, their products will certainly fail without strong surface preparation specifications.

Governments and owners can achieve safer and lasting surfaces by adding specific surface preparation language that call out profiles by CSP (1 - 10) and choosing to separate surface prep from pavement markings as a separate line-bid item. Contractors need to demand and demonstrate the value of SMITH-First with their customers before, during, and after their jobs so the test-deck story is a secret no more.

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Click here for a typical test deck configuration.

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