Depth Control System

DCS Data Sheet

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The days of manually adjusting cut depth are over. SMITH’s electronic depth control system raises and lowers your cutter with the push of a button. Operators can quickly and precisely adjust cut depth in 0.01 inch increments, enabling them to achieve a consistent cut depth on uneven surfaces – without stopping production.

The DCS is ideal for pavement and flooring applications where precise removal is critical to a successful job:

• Grooving for inlayed traffic markings
• Leveling floors
• Removing traffic markings
• Removing epoxy coatings
• and much more!

DCS Performance Benefits

Eliminate Measuring and Guesswork

  • Adjust cut depth in 0.01 inch increments
  • Easily align with uneven surfaces
  • Eliminate damage due to dropped drums
  • Achieve consistent cut depth

Ultimate Control and Flexibility

  • Easy adjustment via control panel and handlebar controls
  • Set zero point where cutter meets surface
  • Displays active depth from zero point
  • Imperial and metric adjustments

Durable, Maintenance-Free Design

  • Aluminum control enclosure holds up to harsh environments
  • Electronic components are 100% encapsulated to protect against vibration and weather
  • Linear actuator enclosed in sealed case to resist water, dust, and debris

DCS Instructions

SMITH DCS Equipment

SMITH’s DCS depth Control System is available on a variety of SMITH drum and rotary scarifiers to cover a wide variety of applications.

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