Get Power at Your Fingertips

When you need an electric-powered scarifier/grinder, you need SMITH. We offer a variety of affordable and durable machines to handle nearly any job, from hand-held to heavy-duty.

Perfect for removing indoor coatings, striping, trip hazards, crack routing, garages, balconies, edging (with optional edger). Used by homeowners, concrete contractors, rental companies, government maintenance operations and much more.


SMITH FS200 Electric Portable Scarifier/Planer

SMITH FS200 with feathering wheel is the perfect lightweight, portable machine for users looking for a simple, all-in-one solution to prepare surfaces, scarify, plane, grind, mill, and clean a variety of surfaces efficiently.
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SMITH SPS8 Electric Walk-Behind Scarifier/Planer

The SMITH SPS8 is a compact, rugged scarifier/grinder for easy surface preparation. This all-purpose scarifier is easy to own, operate, and maintain, long-lasting cutter drums, optional edger attachment and more.
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SMITH SPS10 Electric All-Purpose Scarifier/Planer

The SMITH SPS10 is the industry’s favorite all-purpose scarifier, outperforming any other competitive model. Choose the cutters and accessories you need for any type of surface-preparation and removal job.
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SMITH FS351 Electric Heavy-Duty Scarifier/Planer

The self-propelled SMITH FS351 can tackle even the toughest and most challenging jobs. Whether planing, scarifying, grooving, leveling or more, this dependable workhorse gets the job done right!
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