SMITH FS351 with Depth Control System (DCS)

SMITH’s FS351 DCS series of heavy-duty, self-propelled drum scarifiers are designed to tackle the most demanding removal and surface preparation jobs. They are capable of removing a path up to 16 inches wide and feature SMITH’s electronic DCS Depth Control System; allowing users to quickly and accurately adjust cut depth without stopping production. Available in gasoline, electric, and propane-powered models to serve nearly any application.

Ideal for indoor and pavement applications such as leveling concrete floors, inlay grooving for traffic markings, and stripping epoxy coatings.

Precise Removal With The Push of a Button

FS351 DCS scarifiers are also ideal for applications where precise removal is critical. They feature SMITH’s electronic DCS depth control system, which raises and lowers cutters with the push of a button. This enables operators to quickly and precisely adjust cut depth in 0.01 inch increments.

DCS Performance Benefits

Eliminate Measuring and Guesswork

  • Adjust cut depth in 0.01 inch increments
  • Easily align with ever-changing terrain
  • Consistent cut depth for inlay applications
  • Eliminate damage due to dropped drums

Ultimate Control and Flexibility

  • Easy adjustment via control panel and handlebar controls
  • Set zero point where cutter meets surface
  • Displays active depth from zero point
  • English and metric adjustments

Durable, Maintenance-Free Design

  • Aluminum control enclosure holds up to harsh jobsite environments
  • All electronic components are 100% encapsulated to protect against vibration and weather
  • Linear actuator enclosed in sealed case to resist water, dust, and debris

Jobsite Flexibility With Multiple Power Options

SMITH’s FS351 DCS scarifiers are available in gasoline, electric, and propane-powered models to make sure you can complete nearly any application regardless of power availability on the jobsite.

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DCS Instructions