SMITH is excited to introduce three new High-Production FS351 Heavy-Duty Scarifier/Grinders, featuring our exclusive electronic Depth Control System (DCS). The innovative FS351 DCS drum scarifiers are designed to tackle the most demanding removal jobs. These heavy-duty scarifiers are ideal for indoor applications such as leveling concrete floors or stripping epoxy coatings and outdoor pavement applications like inlay or anti-skid grooving.

FS351 DCS Gas
FS351 propane

Do-it-All Solution

The new SMITH FS351 DCS drum scarifiers provide a “do-it-all” heavy-duty solution for leveling, grooving, scarifying, and stripping coatings. These new self-propelled drum scarifiers are capable of removing a path up to 16″ wide, and can be paired with a variety of PCD, Diamond, and Carbide cutters for nearly any application.
They are available in electric, propane, and gasoline-powered options, and are compatible with the SMITH dust-collection systems to keep job sites clean and safe.

Depth-Control System (DCS)

The days of stopping production to manually adjust cutter depth are over. SMITH’s electronic Depth Control System raises and lowers the cutter with the push of a button, allowing contractors to quickly adjust to surface variations “on the fly.”

The DCS is ideal for applications where precise removal is critical to a successful job, such as grooving and leveling. Contractors can easily achieve a consistent cut depth throughout each application by using the digital display to set the “zero point” (where the cutter assembly meets the surface). If needed, the “active cut depth” can be easily adjusted in 0.01″ increments while operating the unit. This capability also prevents potential damage caused by “dropped drums.”
The DCS system is designed to handle the harshest job site conditions. The linear actuator and all the electronic components are sealed to protect against water, vibration, dust, and debris.

Product Availability and Ordering

The new SMITH FS351 DCS drum scarifiers are shipping now! Please contact your SMITH Account Manager today for more information and to see for yourself how the SMITH family of products can help you grow your business.