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Diamond Grooving and Shaving

Grooving, Shaving, Polishing? Installing RPMs? 

SMITH diamond segments are manufactured with 40% concentration ultra-premium (950 and 975 GE grade) diamonds through a computer-controlled process. The unique matrix bonding system assures optimum performance and long life. Based on your cutting requirements, segments are laser welded or soldered for cost-effective wet or dry cutting of asphalt, concrete, brick, block and stone.

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Premium Dry-Cutting Saw Blades
Ultra-Premium high-performance diamond blades for dry-cut on AC and PCC substrates. 
Widths: 3mm, 4mm, 1/8″, 1/4″
O.D.: 7″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 18″, 20″
Grit: Coarse, Medium, Fine 
Bond: Soft, Medium, Hard

Shave, groove, grind, route or plunge-cut with SMITH blades engineered to provide the longest-lasting performance for low or high-powered equipment. Call SMITH for the matched blade sets for your next grinding project.

Use with: All popular truck-mounted, self-propelled, and walk-behinds for grooving, grinding and plunge-cut operations.


Installing Recessed Pavement Markings

Contractors looking for a reliable cost-effective solution to installing snowplowable or recessed reflective pavement markers on concrete and asphalt recommend SMITH Stacked Saw blades.

For pricing and availability on replacement sets for your RPM slot-cut operations (18”, 20” or other sizes), please contact us.

Groove-inlay Drum Assemblies for Recessed Markings

Stripers with groove-inlay removal projects on concrete or asphalt rely on SMITH “dry-cut” stacked (ganged) diamond drum assemblies – stripping, 4N1 full-width carbide, routing, milling, or flailing grooving cutters for their walk-behind, ride-on, and truck-mounted grinders.

Contact SMITH for the best-performing removal tool to help you achieve your groove-inlay removal objectives, using either your equipment or a SMITH machine.

For the best pricing and availability on (7″, 10”, 12, 14”,18”, 20”, etc.) replacement ganged diamond grooving or tungsten carbide drum assemblies, please contact your SMITH Representative.