Grooving, Shaving, Polishing? Installing RPMs? 

SMITH diamond segments are manufactured with 40% concentration ultra-premium (950 and 975 GE grade) diamonds through a computer-controlled process. The unique matrix bonding system assures optimum performance and long life. Based on your cutting requirements, segments are laser welded or soldered for cost-effective wet or dry cutting of asphalt, concrete, brick, block and stone.

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Premium Dry-Cutting Saw Blades
Ultra-Premium high-performance diamond blades for dry-cut on AC and PCC substrates. 
Widths: 3mm, 4mm, 1/8″, 1/4″
O.D.: 7″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 18″, 20″
Grit: Coarse, Medium, Fine 
Bond: Soft, Medium, Hard

Shave, groove, grind, route or plunge-cut with SMITH blades engineered to provide the longest-lasting performance for low or high-powered equipment. Call SMITH for the matched blade sets for your next grinding project.

Use with: All popular truck-mounted, self-propelled, and walk-behinds for grooving, grinding and plunge-cut operations.

Diamond Shaving Drums


SMITH FS3-Series
"Shave-it" drum.
FINE pattern.
SP2 – SP3


SMITH FS3-Series
"Shave-it" drum.
MEDIUM pattern.
SP3 – SP5

Barn Grooving

Barn grooving is an important and cost-effective way of preventing cows from slipping, falling, getting stressed, and hurt. The objective of barn grooving is to create a non-slip concrete surface so cattle have the proper traction in alleys, yards, feed, and holding pens. The grooves catch hooves before they slip, and the channels are ideal for moving standing water.

No matter what type of grooving patterns your job requires – straight, cross-cut, scarified or diamond groove pattern – select a machine that can be outfitted with a variety of cutter drums and groove spacing patterns to get the job grooved right, the first time, such as the SMITH FS351 Heavy-Duty Scarifier/Grinder.

Installing Recessed Pavement Markings

Contractors looking for a reliable cost-effective solution to installing snowplowable or recessed reflective pavement markers on concrete and asphalt recommend SMITH Stacked Saw blades.

For pricing and availability on replacement sets for your RPM slot-cut operations (18”, 20” or other sizes), please contact us.

Groove-inlay Drum Assemblies for Recessed Markings

Stripers with groove-inlay removal projects on concrete or asphalt rely on SMITH “dry-cut” stacked (ganged) diamond drum assemblies – stripping, 4N1 full-width carbide, routing, milling, or flailing grooving cutters for their walk-behind, ride-on, and truck-mounted grinders.

Contact SMITH for the best-performing removal tool to help you achieve your groove-inlay removal objectives, using either your equipment or a SMITH machine.

For the best pricing and availability on (7″, 10”, 12, 14”,18”, 20”, etc.) replacement ganged diamond grooving or tungsten carbide drum assemblies, please contact your SMITH Representative.