PCD Drums and Cutters

SMITH’s PCD cutters and drums are revolutionizing surface preparation applications by using self-sharpening polycrystalline diamond technology to gently shave the surface. These cutters last up to 30 times longer than traditional carbide cutters and cut up to 4 times faster than diamond blades, so you can finish the job faster and be more productive.

These drums are ideal for pavement and flooring applications such as removing coatings, grooving for inlayed traffic markings, leveling uneven surfaces, and removing trip hazards.

Get a Quote on a Drum

Get a Quote on a Drum

SMITH offers three different styles of PCD cutters and drums to create a surface profile for nearly any application. These cutters have innovative features designed to deliver a perfect profile and maintain that profile over their service life, even on challenging removal applications.

PCD Flat

Leaves flat profile for shaving and removing coatings

PCD Nano-Round

Leaves fine ridges for improved coating adhesion. Ideal for paint, thermoplastic, and epoxy

PCD Round

Leaves deeper grooves than Nano-Round. Ideal for aggressive removal and thicker coatings

PCD Flat Profile
PCD Nano-Round Profile
PCD Round Profile

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