Parts and Accessories

Keep your equipment operating at peak performance

FS Edger

Get near walls and curbs with your FS200 or FS209 scarifiers. Get as close as 0.6" (1.5cm)

SPS Edger

Fits the SMITH SPS8 and SPS10 for preparing surfaces close to walls and curbs. Get as close as 1.27" (3.23cm)

Water Kit

Attach it to your SMITH machine to cool drums and reduce dust

Ball Hitch Kit

For attaching your machine to the SMITH SR25 Sulky Driver. 1 7/8", 3000 lb. capacity. SPS10 and LNX8 kits available.

SPS High-Speed Kit

Enables your SPS10 scarifier to operate a diamond drum

FS High-Speed Kit

Outfit your heavy-duty FS351 with this pulley configuration to operate a diamond drum

Height-Control Wheel Kit

Get into the groove with your FS351 and keep it level with this height-adjustable wheel kit

X-Series Camera

Eliminates guesswork when removing with the SMITH X1 or X3 rotary erasers

Tachometer Kit

Use the tach for monitoring your machine's RPM and working hours

Line Pointer

Keep along your chalkline with this handy pointer for your SMITH machine

SPS Feathering Wheel

Converts your SMITH SPS8 or SPS10 into a feathering machine, allowing you to easily sweep from side to side

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