Professionals use the EZOFF™ system to do more work with less effort simply by adding the up-cut carriage to their scarifiers, grinders. and drivers. 

The EZOFF System consists of three components: (1) SMITH SPS10 All-Purpose Scarifier/Grinder, (2) SMITH EZ-OFF, and (3) SMITH SR25 Driver. The way it works is to provide an ‘up-cut’ cutter-drum rotation, allowing the operator to efficiently apply the best removal operation (up-cutting) for faster and easier tracking control over the surface that needs to be prepared. 

By simply adding the up-cut carriage to a power driver and a SMITH SPS10, one operator can now sit in comfort – with great sight lines – and remove any pavement marking, leaving a surface profile from SP4 to SP10, depending upon the type of cutter added to the drum assembly. After the job is completed, the operator can quickly transport to and from the job. The system can also be broken down and lifted into a pickup. All SMITH equipment contains vacuum ports for dust-free removal operations.