Avoid Liabilities and Stay ADA Compliant with SMITH

Keeping sidewalks safe for pedestrians is critical. Yet, with tree roots, settling underlying ground, and other causes that crack, lift, or buckle sidewalks, maintaining them can be difficult.

Fortunately, SMITH has the solutions you need to eliminate trip hazards easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Sidewalk Grinding Packages

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Fast Removal

Faster Removal

Flail Drum


PCD Drum


Whether you choose flails or PCDs, trip hazards are quickly reduced to a safe, level, and non-slip condition in practically no time. Plus, our sidewalk-grinding packages keep your operators working with considerably less fatigue. Get grinding with SMITH today!

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SMITH Deluxe Sidewalk-Grinding Package

SMITH SPS10 with DCS, SR25 Sulky Driver, and MV5500 Dust Collector

SMITH Compact Sidewalk-Grinding Package

SMITH FS209 with MV360 Dust Collector

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