Remove Pavement Markings Without Leaving Grooves

SMITH Rotary Erasers are ideal for when you need to remove pavement markings without leaving grooves or damaging the underlying substrate. They achieve this by using a spring suspension to “float” rotary cutters on the surface, allowing them to chip coatings off without surface damage.

Operate on Concrete and Asphalt

Unlike traditional water-blasting systems that damage concrete and (especially) asphalt, SMITH Rotary Erasers are designed to remove markings while keeping the surface integrity intact, and can even be used on cracked surfaces.

Rotary Eraser Cutter Spindles

Solutions for Every Application

Whatever the job, SMITH has you covered! SMITH offers a range of rotary erasers to serve nearly every application. The LNX8 and LNX8 DCS walk-behind models can remove up to 800 sf/hr, and are ideal for striping contractors who need to remove traffic markings. For large removal jobs – often found at airports and municipalities –  SMITH offers the X1 and X3 high-production models. These rotary erasers mount to skid-steer equipment to remove up to 2400 sf/hr.

Incheon Airport, SK
SMITH X3 Gasoline with Toolcat
Removing with the SMITH LNX8


Gas-powered walk-behind
single-head rotary eraser


Gas-powered walk-behind eraser with Depth Control System


Hydraulic-powered single-head rotary eraser attachment

SMITH X3 Hydraulic

Hydraulic-powered triple-head rotary eraser attachment

SMITH X3 Gasoline

Gas-powered triple-head rotary eraser attachment

SMITH LNX8 in action